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Training And Education Services
Ongoing training and education of employees leads to enhanced job performance and increased productivity. AGC provides training and education products and services for its members’ employees at all levels of the construction business. These include:

Craft Training – AGC/I offers members a state of the art craft training curriculum at numerous locations throughout the state during the off-season. Courses are developed by contractors, for contractors. In addition to a full schedule of these “public” courses, covering virtually every member specialty, customized in-house training services are also offered for any interested contractor on any topic. In-house courses are generally held at your site, using your equipment, exclusively for your employees. Both type of training programs are often eligible for DOT training fund cost reimbursement. AGC/I also offers interested contractors the Highway Industry Training (HIT) program, a DOT/FHWA approved OJT program with reduced training wages. Contact AGC/I’s Director of Education for more information on any of these programs.

Management and Technical Seminars, Conferences and Workshops Programs are conducted throughout the state, many as part of AGC’s state and national conventions, on topics such as:
Financial Aspects of Construction, Contractors and Subcontractors Working Together to Create a Trouble-Free Job, Customer Relations, Contract Clauses and Legal Issues, Effective Presentation Skills for Construction Supervisors, and Project Planning

Supervisory Training Program (STP) – This acclaimed program is offered at several locations throughout the state. The program, which was developed, updated and field-tested by contractors, focuses on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials.

Construction Project Managers Course – Another nationally acclaimed AGC/A six-day program of intensive management education designed for experienced managers. Subjects covered range from problem solving to productivity.

Advanced Management Program – This intensive AGC/A ten-day course is designed for senior executives who are currently serving, or in line to serve, as their company’s chief operating officer.

Training and Education Aids – AGC offers a comprehensive catalogue of training and education videos.

Workforce Development – AGC promotes construction careers to schoolchildren through career fairs and school visits. AGC/I’s education foundation also awards scholarships to Iowa students enrolled in construction courses at institutions of higher education.

Nominal registration fees are charged for educational programs to cover the cost of course materials, meeting space and refreshments. Contact AGC/I’s Executive Director for more information on these services and activities.

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