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Labor Services
Workforce issues grow more complicated by the day. AGC provides member companies a full range of services to assist them with their workforce. These include:

Collective Bargaining – Member companies can assign to AGC/I the right to act as their exclusive representative for the purpose of negotiating, executing and administrating collective bargaining agreements with the organized trades.

Union Relations – AGC provides a full range of services to assist member companies in their relationship with organized labor. These include: Coordination and interpretation of labor agreements, Assist in the resolution of grievances, jurisdictional and other union disputes,
Assist members dealing with picketing and other organized labor activity, and Providing information on union wage rates and other labor contract provisions

Open Shop – AGC provides a full range of services for companies employing open shop labor, including: Providing advice and counsel on prevailing wage/Davis-Bacon Act issues, Providing advice and counsel on discrimination, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity issues,
Providing employment policy guidelines, Sponsoring drug and alcohol abuse testing programs,
Providing advice and counsel on personnel issues, Monitoring federal, state and local legislative, regulatory, and litigious activity to ensure that the interests of the construction industry are not compromised.

Contact AGC/I’s Field Services Director for more information on these services and activities.


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