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AGC of Iowa Inducts 2016
Hall of Fame Members

The AGC of Iowa Hall of Fame was conceived as the association's highest form of individual member recognition. The honorees are selected by the AGC of Iowa Executive Committee and nominations are based on each individual's lifetime achievements in this industry, as well as lifetime contributions to the association on both the state and national levels.

Kurt Rasmussen’s first level of education as it relates to his career in the heavy highway construction was the school of hard knocks.  Like many in the industry, his early teachers were the welding superintendent or the shop manager or his Uncle Gerald when he worked at the family business in the summers.  There was the beginning assumption that he would be treated in a special manner.  That soon ended when he learned he was the one getting the everlasting jack hammer jobs, the boring painting work that had no end or sweeping.  Tricks were played and mistakes were made.  He learned more from doing things wrong than from doing things right.  It is similar to how his 18 year old son is learning the business so he does think it is an industry standard.  Kurt received his formal education from Grandview College.  He earned his BA in prelaw and then married an attorney.  He always had his eye on working in the family business.  After college graduation in 1988, Kurt became an estimator for a new division called Jensen Road, learning the ropes from his Dad, Jim Rasmussen, John Deering and Dan Timmons.   In 1989, the Rasmussen Group was formed and formally diversified the business.  Kurt primarily works for the bridge company but he learned quite a bit about sand and gravel mining through acquisition of Hallett Materials.  In 2000 when some of the construction industry leaders in Des Moines were wishing to sell, Old Castle Materials, Inc., purchased several Des Moines area companies including Hallett Materials.  Kurt received a five year employment contract to run the Iowa, and later the Midwest operations for Old Castle.  Kurt’s Dad told him that he had given him the education of hard knocks and now he would receive an Ivy League education.  Old Castle is a publically traded company and Kurt learned how to forecast and reforecast and report and respond to the wishes of the shareholder.  True to form, his boss graduated from West Point.  Kurt believes he retained some but certainly not all of those philosophies.  During those five years, they expanded their offices allowing both Rasmussen Group and Old Castle to be in the same building.  Kurt worked in an interior office that had one door that opened to the Rasmussen Group offices and across the room another door that opened into the Old Castle offices.  Managing a publically traded company and keeping involved with a closely held family business definitely taught him a lot.  Kurt had great mentors on both sides.  After the five years with Old Castle, his employment contract and non-compete had expired and they slowly entered the markets that they knew by purchasing Concrete Supply Company and Grimes Asphalt & Paving Company.  The Rasmussen Group branched out to new markets that they could learn like Jensen Crane which services wind turbines and towers with large cranes.  Kurt has enjoyed his years working with a great team of employees of the Rasmussen Group and all the operating companies.
Kurt has served on the Anawim Housing (Low income housing) Board of Directors since 2004.  He also has been a longtime member of the YMCA Camp Board in Boone Iowa.  Helping both with time and financial grants to his church, Luther Memorial Church, and his kids’ various activities has made it a full life. 
At the AGC Kurt has enjoyed his time as AGC Pac Chair and he cherishes his long term friendship with his friend and mentor, Scott Newhard.
Kurt thanks his Mother, Sandra Rasmussen for all her support over the years.  Also he thanks his wife, Lynette and children, Sanna, Karl and Maren for listening about “lettings” and “bond premiums” and “subcontractors and suppliers” over the years. 


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