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AGC Board Of Directors

AGC Executive Committee

Sonny Hall, President
Absolute Concrete
Slater, Iowa
phone: (515) 228-3030fax: (515) 228-3031
Kurt Rasmussen, Sr. Vice President
The Rasmussen Group
Des Moines, Iowa
phone: (515) 266-5173fax: (515) 266-5152
Jeff Koudelka, Vice President
Iowa Plains Signing, Inc.
Slater, Iowa
phone: (515) 685-3536fax: (515) 685-3530
Dan Cramer, Secretary/Treasurer
Cramer & Associates, Inc.
Grimes, Iowa
phone: (515) 265-1447fax: (515) 265-0834
Jay Johnson, Past President
Martin Marietta
Des Moines, Iowa
phone: (515) 254-0030fax: (515) 254-0035




The Associated General Contractors of Iowa
701 East Court Avenue, Suite B -- Des Moines, IA 50309
phone: 515-283-2424 fax: 515-244-6289

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